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Digestive Wellness Center


Patient Information/Endoscopy Experience


After your procedure is scheduled at your Doctor’s office visit, one of our nurses will call you to review your medical history, provide you with further instructions on your procedure, and answer all of your questions.  Our goal is to alleviate any anxiety or apprehension that you may have in regards to your up-coming procedure.

Pre-Procedure Instructions

Please be sure to arrange for a responsible adult to drive you home after your procedure and stay with you to ensure you continue to recover fully from the anesthesia.  Procedure will be cancelled for patients who have not made the necessary arrangements.  On the day of your procedure, please bring the necessary paperwork, wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing, and no jewelry.  If you received sedation for the procedure, you will be given instructions to avoid driving, operating any machinery or drinking alcohol for 24 hours.

Day of Procedure

When you arrive to the center, you will be greeted by our friendly receptionist who will verify the preadmission information.  Family members are encouraged to stay in our comfortable lobby, while they wait for their loved one.  Patients are taken to the Admitting area and prepared for their procedure by one of our nursing staff members. During the procedure, our patients are monitored by a highly trained and experienced Registered Nurse whose job is solely to ensure the comfort, safety, and wellbeing of the patient during the administration of sedation.  A skilled Technician will assist your physician in taking samples of tissue as necessary.  Our procedure rooms are equipped with the latest technology in order to provide you with a pleasant and thorough endoscopy exam.  All of our Medical Staff members and Registered Nurses are ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) certified. Following the procedure, patients are taken to the recovery area for observation and monitoring. We will keep you comfortable and warm while you recover from the effects of the sedation. The doctor will meet with you and your family to discuss the test results, treatment and follow up care.  All of these instructions will be in written form for you to take home as well.

Day after procedure

Your physician and the Digestive Wellness Center staff want to be sure your experience at our center was a pleasant one and that your continued recovery at home went well.  To ensure that you experienced no problems after your procedure, you will receive a follow up phone call the following day by one of our staff members.  Fortunately, any problems or complications are rare, but our staff wants to confirm that all of your questions and concerns were addressed and that your visit with us was a safe and pleasant experience.  If you are having a problem or want to voice a concern, our staff will reach your doctor immediately so he may contact you directly.  As always, your feedback is appreciated.