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Digestive Wellness Center


Satisfaction Survey

The Digestive Wellness Center strives to create for its patients an efficient and safe environment with an atmosphere of compassion and understanding.  Through the center’s Quality Improvement Committee, monitors have been developed to evaluate the care we provide.  One method is the Patient Satisfactory Surveys.  This survey is given to all of our patients following their procedure.  We encourage patients to complete the survey and express their opinion on how their experience was, while they were a patient at our facility.  These surveys are reviewed by the committee and Medical Director on a regular basis in order to keep us informed on how we are doing and allow us to make improvements as necessary.


Check in Level Of Satisfaction
I received a friendly greeting when I checked in 100%
The paperwork to sign was explained to my satisfaction 100%
AdmissionLevel Of Satisfaction
The nurse who greeted me introduced herself and used privacy when questioning me 100%
I understood my consent prior to signing it 100%
The events that occurred while at the facility were explained to my satisfaction 99%
The nurse inserting my IV was gentle and explained the procedure 99%
When reviewing my history, the nurse used privacy as she was able 99%
During The ProcedureLevel Of Satisfaction
Once in the procedure room, the staff explained the equipment to me and answered my questions 96%
My physician allowed time for my questions prior to starting the procedure 98%
I was warm enough 99%
All attempts were made by the staff to keep me as comfortable as possible 97%
In the Recovery RoomLevel Of Satisfaction
My physician spoke to me after the procedure 100%
I received clear, complete and understandable discharge instructions 100%
I was treated with respect while I was at the facility 100%


“Not something I look forward to but, actually quite pleasant”
“Wonderful – great staff – experience was great”
“Everyone was very wonderful to me!”
“I really appreciate the doctor.  He got me in before my insurance ran out.  The service was great.                
  Everyone was so nice and professional”.
“The nurse was very nice to me and brought my stress level down to normal”.