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Digestive Wellness Center


Staff Commitment

The Digestive Wellness Center staff is committed to the prevention of infections. Since the development and construction of our facility in 2007, the center has maintained an Infection Control Program that has been under the supervision of an RN trained in infection prevention measures.  Strict guidelines from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) are followed for all of the cleaning and disinfecting of our equipment and environment.  Some of the mandatory training for our staff includes an annual in-service on infection prevention and control.  Staff must also demonstrate full competency in all areas of infection prevention such as the cleaning, and high level disinfecting of our endoscopes.  Safe injection practices are adhered to, ensuring that each time you have an IV or receive medication, it will be with a new needle and syringe.  Our philosophy is simple; treat our patients as we would want one of our family members to be treated.