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If you are over 50 The American Cancer Society recommends colon cancer screening. Our open access program allows you to schedule a colonoscopy without a lengthy referral process. Learn more

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At Summit Gastroenterology, preventative care is one of our highest priority. We believe in working to prevent cancers before they arise allowing you to have peace of mind regarding your health.

Colon cancer screening is very effective in preventing colon cancer, which is the second most common type of cancer causing death in the United States. Your primary care physician will refer you to us when you are at an appropriate age for a screening colonoscopy. For most patients this is 50 years. Your primary care physician will send us your information with your permission. After this, we will call you to set up your screening colonoscopy and give you all the information pertinent to your procedure. During this process, we will give you information regarding preparing for the procedure; we will mail you the instructions for the prep. These can be accessed here also. We will also obtain your medical history and your medication list prior to your colonoscopy over the phone. You do not require an actual consultation with one of our physicians in order to be setup for a screening colonoscopy. This makes it more convenient for you as you avoid multiple office visits. However, you are welcome to make an appointment with one of our physicians prior to your screening colonoscopy if you would like. Please note that it is important to check with your insurance company to make sure that they will approve an office consultation prior to your screening colonoscopy. You will be required to sign a waiver form prior to your colonoscopy which states that you have checked with your insurance to make sure that they will cover your procedure.

If you don’t have a primary care physician and are 50 years old and would like to get more information regarding setting up a screening colonoscopy, you can call us at (330) 753-6643 ext. 2. We will be able to schedule a screening colonoscopy if it is appropriate for you. Our office staff will conduct an interview with you over the phone and will make that appointment for you.