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SGA Administrative Staff


The administrative staff at Summit Gastroenterology and Digestive wellness center work relentlessly to ensure the smooth running of our clinical practice and endoscopy center. They are always available to help our patients get the best service possible. Our administrators have been with our practice for a long time and understand all the nuances and special needs that a gastroenterology practice has.

Administrators for Summit Gastroenterology

Tamar (Tammy) Ambrose
Practice Administrator
Tammy has been with the Summit Gastroenterology practice since 1981. She provides a very high degree of commitment to the practice and astute leadership for the staff. She is responsible for all the administrative needs of the practice and ensures that the practice and all of its components work efficiently to ensure that the best clinical care is provided. Tammy can be reached at 330-237-1067. In her spare time, Tammy likes to travel, enjoy the outdoors, and most importantly spend time with her family.

Jessica Schaefer
Asst Practice Administrator
Jessica helps with the administrative needs of the practice and manages the clinic office staff. Jessica’s energy and enthusiasm for the practice is an asset and along with Tammy she ensures that the practice runs efficiently and is poised to provide the excellent care to its patients that it strives to. Jessica served as the practice manager for Gastroenterology of Akron, Inc. for more than 5 years and now continues to offer her administrative skills to Summit Gastroenterology after the two merged in April 2011. Jessica can be reached at 330-753-6643 ext 233. Jessica likes to spend time with her son.  She also enjoys camping, swimming, warm weather and the beach.

Administrators for Digestive Wellness Center

Becky Hentsch, RN
Center Director
Becky has been involved in the set up of DWC from the stage of its initial planning. Her contribution was instrumental in establishing the ambulatory surgical center. Becky ensures that the DWC is fully equipped and compliant to provide the safest and the most effective care to patients that undergo endoscopy. Becky received her nursing diploma from Mercy School of Nursing in 1983 and has worked in the Gastroenterology field for over 20 years. Before taking up her assignment as the Center Director of the DWC, Becky worked for Summit Gastroenterology as a Nurse Clinician. 
 Becky can be reached at (330) 237-1058, extension 235. Becky is happily married and has two sons and a daughter.  She enjoys reading and the outdoors.

Deborah Mullins, RN
Assistant Center Director
Deborah is deeply committed to ensure the smooth running of the DWC. She is instrumental in making sure that the center is staffed adequately and all safety measures are in place during patient care. Deborah is vigilant at work and a champion for the safety and well being of patients. Deborah received her nursing degree from The Mississippi University for Women in 1986, and her nursing experience includes endoscopy, intensive care, emergency, surgical, and home health nursing before taking up her current assignment. Deborah can be reached at (330) 237-1058